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If you harbour dreams of splashing ambitious designs on the canvas of your professional venture, Myriad Nuances is there to unleash your vision. Bringing with us a wide array of professionals in the field of creative as well as the technical arena, we offer an unmatched package of deliverables and with a creative élan.

At Myriad Nuances, we define our work as an artistic endeavour rooted in themes, tastes and hues.


In the sphere of events, Myriad Nuances offers a range of themes that can be selected from when exploring possibilities. Events of a large magnitude that involve a unified, organised and professional planning and execution are our forte. A multitude of experiential activities are offered from the house of Myriad Nuances – from world-class conferences, conclaves or summits, to international exhibitions, video shows and road shows.



Our differentiation from the existing players lies in our unflinching dedication to the delivering of nuances of the projects we undertake – as sticklers for perfection. Delving into the creative aspects of the event, Myriad Nuances presents you a wide spectrum of options – in presentation, documentation and execution. Bring brand recognition and express your ideas with grace aided by our experts.


Myriad Nuances will create for you more than just an event – an experience. Staying with you and your guests long after it is over, this “taste” will be the unique memories that last for a lifetime.

The end-to-end management of events is undertaken with painstaking care for the detailing of literature, advertising, videography, logistics, hospitality, food and beverages, as well as the mainstay of any event – the show. Myriad Nuances is there to unleash your vision.

Web Services
  • Website Design & development – “Hotel Supply Mart”
  • Website Content Management ( as above)
  • Social Media Presence: Facebook / Twitter, Instagram / other platform
  • Documentaries: Mega project on Food. “Palate Sutra”
  • Short films: Tedal in Tamil
  • Promos, You Tube presentations and teasers
  • Coffee Table Books ( Ambarsar- Essence of Amritsar)
  • Research papers
  • E-magazines
  • Contemporary and modern designs in sync with the global trends
  • Sophistication in operation
  • A team of seasoned professionals attend to every detail of the project
  • Erudite leadership
  • Multinational work experience
  • Armed with extensive know-how
  • Backed by detailed research
  • In-depth analysis and brainstorming
End-to-end Management
  • Conceptualisation to Execution
  • Content to Sales and Marketing to Distribution
Brand Legacy
  • Incubating brands and defining the future
  • A far-sighted approach to brand development
  • Building lasting relationships
Spectacular Creations
  • Capturing the imagination of audiences
  • Bespoke products in a creative arena
  • Offering future-ready solutions

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